Hello! I’m Tessa Makes and I’ll be blogging about the things I make and do. Approachable fashion for any occasion will also be a theme from time to time. I have great tips and advice for every day. I’ll also be sharing great tutorials I come across with you. I Love sharing with you and hope you’ll take the time to share with me too! Most of all, I want to make your day a little better. There are plenty of places on the interwebs that will support your quest to feel miserable if that’s what you’re into. This isn’t one of those. I’d like to encourage, inspire and energize you. Promoting the idea that anyone can make things and be proud of them…that’s what I aim for. I ❤ comments! Let me know what’s on your mind! Leave a comment below or email me at When posting, please be respectful: It’s okay to disagree but we don’t have to be mean. If everyone thought and did the same thing, the world would be a very boring place indeed! If your comment is rude, overly crude, or bigoted, I will remove it. Problem solved!